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University Polygraph provides Long Island Metro New York with lie detection services for family, relationship and criminal issues.

Joel M. Reicherter is Professor Emeritus of Anatomy and Physiology, SUNY and Instructor at the National Center for Credibility Assessment (formally the U.S. Department of Defense Polygraph Institute), Ft. Jackson, S.C. During his long and distinguished University teaching career in anatomy and physiology, Prof. Reicherter was formally trained in the Scientific Detection of Deception at an American Polygraph Association certified SUNY polygraph school. In 1983, he received his certification as a Polygraph Examiner and was accepted into the American Polygraph Association in 1985. 

Professor Reicherter's expertise in Physiology and Neurophysiology, the foundational science underlying polygraph examination assessments, uniquely sets him apart from examiners without a life science background. In 1986, during a sabbatical leave from SUNY, Professor Reicherter advanced his polygraph training by accepting an invitation to work with Drs. David Raskin, Charles Honts, and John Kircher in their laboratory at the University of Utah, one of the world’s most recognized polygraph research laboratories. While at U. of U. Prof. Reicherter held the rank of Visiting Scholar and developed and taught the course "Brain and Behavior" for the Psychology Department.

The major part of Prof. Reicherter's field polygraph examinations  are conducted in the New York metropolitan area and Long Island but he  is also available upon request to conduct exams in other venues. Most of Prof. Reicherter's clientele are attorneys, business owners or managers, and private individuals involved in domestic disputes.

If you are a member of a law group or association, or business organization in need of a speaker for your meeting, please feel welcome to contact him.  He will provide a live demonstration of computerized polygraph and describe the scientific basis of its application.   

His extensive experience has led to unique opportunities such as training and directing Robert DeNiro as a polygraph examiner for the motion picture Meet the Parents.

For many years Prof. Reicherter had to carefully balance his University responsibilities with an emerging private polygraph practice.  Since his retirement in 2000, he has been able to devote more time to his private practice, which includes:



examiner physiologist instructor


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