Polygraph Examinations

Professor Reicherter concentrates his polygraph testing in the following areas:

Defense Attorneys: Polygraph is an exceptional tool for defense attorneys to determine 'ground truth' for their clients. Nothing helps prepare effective legal strategies like having all the information about the case...especially the details that are within the defendant themselves. Go into your next trial fully prepared.

Business Loss & Employee Misconduct: Although most business related polygraphs were outlawed in 1988 by the Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA), the Act itself reserved one area in which polygraph can still be used, and used quite effectively. If your business has a specific monetary loss and you need to find out the truth, a polygraph test conducted under the guidelines of EPPA is a terrific addition to the ongoing investigation into the loss. Call for details.

Family & Relationship Issues: Relationships can be tough, but for the most part, they are worth it. If you have a situation in which there is potential broken trust, a Polygraph Test can often give you a starting place to make the next decision for restoring, changing or ending a relationship.

Professor Reicherter has the expertise and experience to effectively handle your situation that could benefit from a polygraph examination.

Please feel welcome to contact Professor. Reicherter if you have any questions or to make arrangements to have a polygraph test administered. Mr. Reicherter's main service areas are the New York Metropolitan Area and Long Island, but other venues are welcome.

Mr. Reicherter will travel to your location unless you prefer that the examination be conducted at his office.



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